Destination Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Destination weddings are not business as usual.  

Why would anyone be willing to travel so far to only leave valuable photo and video shots on the table due to typical time limitations offered by most production companies?  We want you to view us are more than just a production team (or person) you hired, we want you to think of us as your media concierge / best friend.

We typically offer one, all inclusive package at an agreed upon rate which would include our airfare, hotel and package price.  We don’t set any time limits, we typically start when you’re ready to start and we wrap up when your reception party is over.  We also will be attending and covering your rehearsal at no extra cost.  Multiple locations will also be covered at no extra costs.  We want to arrive to the destination at least two nights before the wedding in order to avoid any potential travel issues and to do pre-wedding coverage.

In order to make the most of our time at your wedding, I highly suggest doing a pre-wedding photo and film shoot around your wedding site and surrounding area.  This allows us to familiarize ourselves with the location in order to have an idea where to shoot photos and video on your wedding day.  It also leaves you with awesome, engagement style photos and pre-wedding video and aerial drone footage.  This is also included in the agreed upon price.

Pricing will depend on several primary factors such as where the location is and whether you want both, photography and video services.  Secondary factors would be add-ons such as albums, prints, longer video edits, etc.  If you would like to discuss your destination wedding or would like an estimate, please contact us.